About Samuel

Samuel Durand is a young artist passionate about creating music rich with beauty. Born and raised in Central Arkansas, Samuel

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“Death…Redemption…Life” – Samuel Durand

Completed in 2022, Death…Redemption…Life was one of the first pieces where I attempted to share through music the story of how Jesus changed my life. The music follows my own progression from death to life through Jesus’ redemptive gift. It expresses the pain and suffering I had before knowing Jesus and the joy and peace I found after knowing him.

“Reminiscence”, by painter and pianist Bahar Soyoz.

Inspired by my piece for solo piano, “Reminiscence”, this work was displayed in concert with Bahar’s performance of my piece at the Longy School of Music in May of 2021.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

~ C.S. Lewis