Thank you for your interest in exploring music lessons!

  • Lessons are offered in weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals.
  • Lessons are available both in-person or online…depending on where I am and where you are :-).
  • Students of all levels and abilities are welcome.
  • I offer lessons in Piano and Composition.
  • If you would like to get in touch regarding lessons, please contact me using the form on my Contact Page, or reach out to me on Facebook.

See below for more information:

George Hughes, “Poolside Piano Practice”

Piano Lessons:

Piano lessons encompass training in an incredible variety of musical skills. Students are trained in reading musical notation, piano technique, music theory, piano performance practices, sight reading, ear training, and are exposed to the great piano literature. Piano lessons give a broad and secure foundation for quality musicianship, and are one of the easiest entry points into a musical journey. A successful pianist is one who uses his training to faithfully execute what the composer has indicated in the text, while using his artistry to bring the piece alive in a performance that is moving and inspiring.

Composition Lessons:

Composition lessons are highly individual, and often look more like coaching sessions. Once a student has reached a higher level of musical maturity and has a comfortable grasp on their chosen instrument, they may choose to showcase their creativity by composing original music. Composition lessons seek to give young composers the tools and skills they need in order to realize their creative goals. This includes instruction in how to best utilize the tools we have in music, such as: the balance of tension and relaxation, vertical and horizontal density, timbre, dynamics, harmonies, and rhythms. A successful composer is one who is able to precisely communicate his vision to the audience. Composition lessons give training and guidance in that pursuit.

Speaking prior to performing at Arlington Street Church in Boston, MA.
Credit: Chia Han Li

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

~ Mark van Doren